Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Risk to Miss You

It’s a risk to glimpse
your image
in a photograph
or reminisce about
the good old times
when you were a
constant in my life.
A risk to wish
for one more touch
a smile
a nudge when
I’m feeling low.
A risk to hope
for one more waft
of your scent
as you wander by.
A risk to miss you,
but I’ll dive in
you’re worth the
energy I’ll expend
treading this river of my tears
wishing you were here.


  1. A wonderful poem...a moving to tears tribute to your father and the legacy of love that never dies... Beautiful :)

  2. Where've you been? I've given you three years to answer.... I guess I'll keep waiting.

  3. Hi Shannon - you ever visit this blog anymore? IT's ol' Moskowitz just checking in on you. Hope all is well, write if you want