Friday, February 17, 2012

Beauty Within

Caramel and golden hair
not from a box
but from genetics we
didn’t know we could produce.
Legs that reach the clouds
where her mind spends most
of its time.
She shines with
radiant smile and apple cheeks.
But her chestnut eyes
don’t sparkle as her image reflects
back to her.
Her smile fades until
she frowns.
Her beauty hidden from
her pre-adolescent eyes.
I fold her underneath my chin
wrapped snuggly within my arms,
she doesn’t know her charm
her grace
how much I wish I had her face.
But then she whispers up to me,
“Why can’t I be pretty like you are?”
She doesn’t see the extra weight
the lines settling into place,
she sees the person I am inside
the kind heart I never try to hide.
I point out all her perfect features
her warmth, her love
her slender silhouette.
But never will I forget
her reminder that I often neglect
to see the beauty within me,
just as I remind her to see.

1 comment:

  1. Just wandering around goodreads and found this. Beautiful poem. It really touched my heart. Do you still write?