Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keep Being Weird

(Poetic Asides Prompt "normal")

Normal is an oxymoron all on its own.

To be normal is about perceptions.

In a dilapidated town

painted shades of taupe and brown

a red velvet gown is quite odd.

At the prom showing up in beach shorts

and flip-flops is peculiar,

unless everyone does

then it’s the norm.

Even those who don’t conform

are only strange in the right crowd,

together, united they become quite sane.

Don’t fret about being too plain

or too bold,

normal comes and it goes.

A tidal wave of trends

washing away the sands of customary

uncovering new shells

that the “normal people” will begin to collect.

Best to just neglect the temptation

and keep being weird

unless it becomes the norm

then it’s best to rethink your strategy

and go back to the drawing board.

1 comment:

  1. Very, very good. I said print this out and give each kid a copy. - Moskowitz