Sunday, November 13, 2011


("love" prompt at Poetic Bloomings)

Moist eyes

each time you succeed

or try your best

filling my heart

it takes up more than my chest

fills my belly as well.

It almost hurts

how much I love


(for my children: Ashlyn, Darrien, Emily, and Lathaniel)

Hold the Door

(Poetic Asides prompt a kind poem)

A door held open

when hands are full

juggling groceries

and a tot too small to walk.

Eyes mist up from the gesture

a nod of the head is all she can muster.

The child smiles his chubby grin.

The door closes,

the moment disappears,

but small eyes see everything.

Kindness is

a smile shared between two strangers

when eyes met

and they decided not to turn away.

Perfect Ten

One moment changed it all,

two people fell in love.

With a blink, their family of two became three

and then four,


and finally six.

It makes for seven busy days each week.

Mom wishes she had eight or

nine, to fit everything in.

But regardless of messes and headaches from the noise,

life with them is a perfect ten.

From the Bottom


From the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up,

at least that’s what those at the top would say,

but try being at the bottom all day.

The walls are slick,

each time I begin to climb

I can’t seem to find more than a few


A crack here and there

will only bring me up a few inches

and then I go









down all over again.

So, I can’t think about the top just yet,

I’m looking for the foot-holes,

so I can start climbing once more.