Sunday, October 16, 2011

Harvest Poems

(written for the Poetic Bloomings prompt "Reaping a Harvest")

I Am Not a Farmer

I wanted to eat a carrot
I planted a seed.
Unfortunately all that grew
was a disgusting, inedible weed.

Harvesting Muse

Ideas accumulate
pile in my brain
and wait

for the just right time
to be plucked out
and flow

through my fingers
and onto the

Of course,
those are on
the good days

when my muse
decides to

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Disguises Lies with Truth

(written for Poetic Asides prompt "Disguises"

He disguises
lies with truth,
twisting words,
aiming where
she’s insecure.

His boldness
His confidence

Turning it
It’s not him
it’s her.

Her truth
must be lies
formed inside
her damaged mind.

Her past

makes her paranoid
he claims.

Is she crazy?
She frets.

But soon lies
spill out.

the truth

in her


His disguise
slips down.