Thursday, September 8, 2011

“He Stood and Laughed a While At His Reflection”

Years passed,
seconds ticked on a clock.
Never pausing to stop.
Never savoring the swish
of the leaves in a cool breeze.
Never wading in the water,
river flowing around his feet.
Rushing through life
always looking forward,
seeing only the destination.
Until he stopped.
No place to look but the clock;
seconds lingered, felt like days.
No visitors arrived,
no help to ease his pain.
Alone in the sterile room
he walked to the mirror,
it reflected a stranger and
he couldn’t help but laugh
if only to suppress the tears
from wasted, hurried, lonely years.

from “Carry Me Carrie” by Dr. Hook (Shel Silverstein is credited with writing the lyrics)

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt

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