Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Best Surprise

(written for the Poetic Bloomings "Surprise" Prompt)

It wasn’t a surprise

by the time I mustered

up enough courage

to wander through the

store and purchase not one,

but two tests to confirm

you were growing

inside me.

It wasn’t a surprise

when your dad and I

looked at each other

in shock, we were

too young to react in any

other way.

It wasn’t a surprise

when I saw your image

for the first time,

that the mesmerizing

gray and black fuzzy

screen filled my belly

with warmth,

my eyes with joyful


It isn’t a surprise

that each moment

we spend together

causes my heart

to quadruple in size

because you are

you, after all.

It isn’t a surprise

that each year of

your life is my favorite

because life with

you has been one




  1. Perfect. I loved this. Phone it in, girl! 951-665-8161! - Mosk