Wednesday, July 6, 2011


PA prompt- write from the perspective of a group of something

Unasked Questions

Your timid nature
forces us to recede into your brain.
We are passing wonderings,
confirmation of unspoken truths.
You file us away,
but we linger.
We lurk in your mind's shadows.
We gnaw at your gut.
We perch on your tongue.
We wait
hoping for our moment
to escape.

We are Books

Endless posibilities spill from our pages
stories for all ages and some for the ages.

Wit and wisdom can sometimes be found but
in others only junk spewed from author's hands.

Words put together, they join into phrases;
our authors hope critics will write happy praises.

Flip-Flop Romance

When the rain dries up
and flowers are in bloom,
we exchange socks for
pinks, all hues, and sometimes
for red, purple, or blue.
We accessorize with
rhinestones and hand-painted
We soak in the sun.
We wiggle and dance.
We enjoy our summer
flip-flop romance.

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