Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Poetic Bloomngs Prompt-animal, vegetable, mineral

I Could Never Own a Pig

Smoky bacon frying in
its own delicious fat.
Crisping to perfection is
the most important step.
Once the fatty goodness is
rendered down quite well,
it's time to create a fabulous
and oh so scrumptious meal.
Crumble it on salad
or add to Brussels sprouts.
It will make any veggie tastier,
on this I have no doubt.
Pile it high on sliced bread and
add a tomato or two,
or wrap it around some scallops,
your taste buds will be thankful for you.
Eat it plain with breakfast
or dip in maple syrup.
Sprinkle on top of donuts
and your kids will surely adore it.
Dice it, wrap it, eat it alone
the variations never end.
So, I'll never keep a pig for a pet,
I could never eat one of my friends.

He Like Rocks

Three feet from the ground
is a perfect vantage point
for spotting, speckled treasures
laying plainly in the dirt.

He bends down inspecting
his new discovery.
Pinching it between his fingers,
holding it up for me to see.

He doesn't care about
color, shape, or even size.
He simply marvels as he
pockets his new rocky prize.

I wrote this about my youngest son, Lathaniel. All my kids have a love of rocks thanks to their Papa, but Lathaniel is a bit obsessed with collecting rocks. It is an adorable obsession.

Poetic Asides Prompt-a sound poem

MacDonald's Play Area

I come for the peace,
a few minutes to
write or read.

The hum of childen at play
giggles and screams
and something

sets the ambiance for
creativity to frolic
as well.

me to pen my poem
without four tiny voices
competing for my

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  1. Lovely poems, Shannon... I can relate to all of them, but especially like the last one.