Sunday, July 10, 2011


Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Phoenix Rising

"Heartaches and Mudslides"

A sprinkling of rain wets the earth, bare
soil eroded by wind, leaving fertile plants
ripped and ruined. Dirt turns to mud
as the rain thickens forcing a mudslide,
washing away the rotting debris.

Washing away the rotting debris,
the rain subsides. Sunshine peaks
out from behind gray clouds
illuminating fresh soil. A chance for
fresh crops and new beginnings.

"Kissing Rock Bottom"

It was never my target, nor
my intend goal. I did not mean
to follow that colorless brick road.
Winding upon itself, upon myself
until I was too entwined and disoriented
to find my way. Lost, I stumbled.
I crept along until my pursed lips
gently met the one place I dared not go.
I kissed rock bottom.

I kissed rock bottom
and I did not cry out in ecstasy.
I did not yearn for its rigid peck. Rock
bottom did not send tingles through
every limb, making me beg for
another kiss. So I broke up with
rock bottom after just one

"What Was Done"

I couldn't stop my tears from flowing,
I couldn't stop my sorrow from growing,
I couldn't stop my mind from knowing,
for what was done, there was no undoing.

For what was done, there was no undoing, but
I could stop my pain from flowing,
I could stop my anger from growing,
I could open my mind to knowing,
for what was done, there was repairing.

For what was done, there was repairing.
we could keep communication flowing,
we could keep forgiveness forever growing,
we could change from knowing to understanding,
for what was done, there was overcoming.

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  1. I really enjoyed this batch of poems. The theme seems to be overcoming and rejuvenation. Lovely.