Saturday, July 2, 2011


Monchielle form

Mirrors merely reflect.
They neglect what's inside,
good, bad, or otherwise.
The image is not me
but a shell; unspoken lies.

Mirrors merely reflect.
I hide. Deflect the scene,
a fuzzy snapshot clicked.
A simple silhouette,
the camouflage I picked.

Mirrors merely reflect.
I would correct the view,
this illusion of me.
Project my heart instead.
Blur lines to clearly see.

Mirrors merely reflect.
To detect what's beneath
erode deposition.
Strip away weathered paint,
reveal disposition.

Poetic Asides Prompt "how things change" and the Monchielle

Unwelcome Change

Change slyly stalks her prey.
Padding on silent feet,
waiting for the perfect
time to pounce; usurp what
was before you detect.

Change slyly stalks her prey.
Sneaking up from behind,
morphing minute details
one at a time until
a new product prevails.

Change slyly stalks her prey.
She's rehearsed every line.
Her offer divine, she
tempts, batting eyelashes.
Pesuasion unforeseen.

Change slyly stalks her prey
when no desire is there.
It may seem unfair. Time
will ultimately judge
all her unwelcome crimes.

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