Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Poetic Bloomngs Prompt-animal, vegetable, mineral

I Could Never Own a Pig

Smoky bacon frying in
its own delicious fat.
Crisping to perfection is
the most important step.
Once the fatty goodness is
rendered down quite well,
it's time to create a fabulous
and oh so scrumptious meal.
Crumble it on salad
or add to Brussels sprouts.
It will make any veggie tastier,
on this I have no doubt.
Pile it high on sliced bread and
add a tomato or two,
or wrap it around some scallops,
your taste buds will be thankful for you.
Eat it plain with breakfast
or dip in maple syrup.
Sprinkle on top of donuts
and your kids will surely adore it.
Dice it, wrap it, eat it alone
the variations never end.
So, I'll never keep a pig for a pet,
I could never eat one of my friends.

He Like Rocks

Three feet from the ground
is a perfect vantage point
for spotting, speckled treasures
laying plainly in the dirt.

He bends down inspecting
his new discovery.
Pinching it between his fingers,
holding it up for me to see.

He doesn't care about
color, shape, or even size.
He simply marvels as he
pockets his new rocky prize.

I wrote this about my youngest son, Lathaniel. All my kids have a love of rocks thanks to their Papa, but Lathaniel is a bit obsessed with collecting rocks. It is an adorable obsession.

Poetic Asides Prompt-a sound poem

MacDonald's Play Area

I come for the peace,
a few minutes to
write or read.

The hum of childen at play
giggles and screams
and something

sets the ambiance for
creativity to frolic
as well.

me to pen my poem
without four tiny voices
competing for my

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Phoenix Rising

"Heartaches and Mudslides"

A sprinkling of rain wets the earth, bare
soil eroded by wind, leaving fertile plants
ripped and ruined. Dirt turns to mud
as the rain thickens forcing a mudslide,
washing away the rotting debris.

Washing away the rotting debris,
the rain subsides. Sunshine peaks
out from behind gray clouds
illuminating fresh soil. A chance for
fresh crops and new beginnings.

"Kissing Rock Bottom"

It was never my target, nor
my intend goal. I did not mean
to follow that colorless brick road.
Winding upon itself, upon myself
until I was too entwined and disoriented
to find my way. Lost, I stumbled.
I crept along until my pursed lips
gently met the one place I dared not go.
I kissed rock bottom.

I kissed rock bottom
and I did not cry out in ecstasy.
I did not yearn for its rigid peck. Rock
bottom did not send tingles through
every limb, making me beg for
another kiss. So I broke up with
rock bottom after just one

"What Was Done"

I couldn't stop my tears from flowing,
I couldn't stop my sorrow from growing,
I couldn't stop my mind from knowing,
for what was done, there was no undoing.

For what was done, there was no undoing, but
I could stop my pain from flowing,
I could stop my anger from growing,
I could open my mind to knowing,
for what was done, there was repairing.

For what was done, there was repairing.
we could keep communication flowing,
we could keep forgiveness forever growing,
we could change from knowing to understanding,
for what was done, there was overcoming.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


PA prompt- write from the perspective of a group of something

Unasked Questions

Your timid nature
forces us to recede into your brain.
We are passing wonderings,
confirmation of unspoken truths.
You file us away,
but we linger.
We lurk in your mind's shadows.
We gnaw at your gut.
We perch on your tongue.
We wait
hoping for our moment
to escape.

We are Books

Endless posibilities spill from our pages
stories for all ages and some for the ages.

Wit and wisdom can sometimes be found but
in others only junk spewed from author's hands.

Words put together, they join into phrases;
our authors hope critics will write happy praises.

Flip-Flop Romance

When the rain dries up
and flowers are in bloom,
we exchange socks for
pinks, all hues, and sometimes
for red, purple, or blue.
We accessorize with
rhinestones and hand-painted
We soak in the sun.
We wiggle and dance.
We enjoy our summer
flip-flop romance.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Poetic Bloomings Prompt 10- a friend and their influence

A Friend in Me

It's lonely when you're young
and there's no one there to play.
Just a silent room, a toy or two
and one tiny untapped brain.
So in the solitude of boredom
and the crease of serene peace
I met a dear and loyal friend
that no one else could see.
She followed me around
and giggled at my jokes.
She always agreed to play
the games I enjoyed the most.
Conversations were delightful,
her sacarsm mirrored mine;
It was sometimes as if we shared
exactly the same mind.
So when the others taunted me
for the company I kept,
I simply shrugged and carried on
with my transparent friend.

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Monchielle form

Mirrors merely reflect.
They neglect what's inside,
good, bad, or otherwise.
The image is not me
but a shell; unspoken lies.

Mirrors merely reflect.
I hide. Deflect the scene,
a fuzzy snapshot clicked.
A simple silhouette,
the camouflage I picked.

Mirrors merely reflect.
I would correct the view,
this illusion of me.
Project my heart instead.
Blur lines to clearly see.

Mirrors merely reflect.
To detect what's beneath
erode deposition.
Strip away weathered paint,
reveal disposition.

Poetic Asides Prompt "how things change" and the Monchielle

Unwelcome Change

Change slyly stalks her prey.
Padding on silent feet,
waiting for the perfect
time to pounce; usurp what
was before you detect.

Change slyly stalks her prey.
Sneaking up from behind,
morphing minute details
one at a time until
a new product prevails.

Change slyly stalks her prey.
She's rehearsed every line.
Her offer divine, she
tempts, batting eyelashes.
Pesuasion unforeseen.

Change slyly stalks her prey
when no desire is there.
It may seem unfair. Time
will ultimately judge
all her unwelcome crimes.

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Poetic Bloomings prompt "Deep Space Nine"

Borrowed a line from "Space Oddity"

From "My Tin Can Far Above the Moon"

From "my tin can far above the moon"
I have room to roam and bloom.
Not boxed in by the gravity and haste
that fills up all the space in planet Earth.
Up here I can spread my wings and search.
I turn and shift and sommersault.
Weightless grace at every turn.

Without Borders

From space
there are no borders
to trace
with my finger.
No color-coded
My map skills
are obsolete.
Below me all
I see
are blurs of
blue and green.
A harmonious

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