Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Poetic Blomings never a cross word prompt
(use the words: shopping center, package, pyramid, fairy, pillow, cot, pocket, concierge, aluminum, rebel, heretic)

Black Friday

The shopping center is
cluttered and crammed with deals.
Each package more valuable than the next.
A TV pyramid just inside the door
and a fairy tale princess toy
entice shoppers to camp out
the night before.
Roughing the November wind
with little more than a pillow
and a folding cot.
With pockets bulging from spare ads,
the store attendant acts as concierge,
welcoming shoppers with his polite grin.
But once inside aluminum doors,
forget the polite etiquette.
Each shopper becomes a rebel
ready to barge in and liberate
the limited-time, limited-quantity
products from their cramped shelf prison.
But I nestle deep in my bed,
a dream floating through my head.
I'll be a Black Friday heretic instead.

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