Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(Refracted Hues prompt from Poetic Bloomings)

Eye Color Genetics

Brown, green, hazel, and blue.
Products of love
between brown and blue.

Rain Cloud

A cloud in the sky,
heavy and dense.
The earth lays below
waiting to be quenched.

Polka Dot Plant

Gray clouds hovered in my
eyes threatening to expose my
pain at any moment.

It was spring, but I saw no pastels.
Only the dull brown of depression
obscuring my view.

So people sent flowers. Red and orange
and lilac and white and dead. At least,
they ended up dead after a week.

A gesture to console, conjuring only
sorrow as each day another withered
petal fell, signaling a new death to mourn.

And then, a little yellow pot was placed in my
hands, full of sunshine and green leaves
speckled pink. Comforting and warm.

Hardy, even when ignored. A small drink
revived it's vibrant hues and it grew for me
until all the colors were here again.

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