Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Poetic Asides Prompt a welcome poem

Welcoming Sleep

When the night seeps in, I
ease into my bedtime routine,
letting sleep settle:
calming, comforting, cleansing.
Opening possibilities and ponderings.
My thoughts frolic and play,
entwining fantasy with reality.

"Welcome," I say.

(Poetic Bloomings Sijo frame)

Summer vacation may entice one to education.
An experienced teacher knows these months of freedom are a myth.
Nothing but a plastic carrot dangling from an elusive stick.

Never have I, nor will I, love a purring, shedding nuisance.
But when fur clumps from dried blood and the lifeless form hugs the asphalt
I mourn the loss of someone's furry friend as if I had.

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