Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Love Carcass (original)

A hope, a wish, a kiss unpecked, words left
unsaid. They crack and sag and when we part
I wonder if we fell apart. Or did
we just forget to start? Rotted away,
decayed, the carcass left from beasts that prey.

(Poetic Asides prompt "let's get serious"

This poem was inspired by my daughter, Ashlyn, once doesn't want to grow up because adults lose their imagination. Don't worry, I told her she could always pretend no matter how old she became.

Is it Time?

When is it the exact right time
to leave your childhood behind?
Relinquish fluffy, threadbare friends,
box up imagination and pretend.
Read books with only white space and words,
black and white, uncolored worlds.
Jump over puddles, create no splash.
Stop wishing on a lost eyelash.
Read the news without a tear.
Blink and lose another year.
Between the lines, infer the worst.
Always stop to ponder first.
When is it the exact right time
to leave the best of you behind?

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