Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Third Week in May Poems

This poem was inspired while reading The Skin I'm In by Sharon Flake. In it the teacher asks her students to write about what their face says.

What Does Your Face Say?

What does your face say?

My face says I'm fat.
It's not bad, it's just fact.

But passed my pudgy nose
and plump cheeks you'll see

the crease between my eyes
from squinting in the sun,

a smile a mile wide
plastered on for all to see

most days. But, when no one
is looking, you might glimpse

a frown. It's rarely found but
my lower teeth jut out a bit

passed the top ones as I ponder
life: past, present, or future.

My forehead leans down
causing my double chin

to pronounce the truth I usually
use my chubby face to shield.

What does your face say?

(an alouette and Poetic Bloomings prompt)

Garden of Truth

Can't be swept away
hidden, led astray.
Truth blooms and spreads with strong roots
gripping in the earth
causing smiles and mirth.
A treasure one cannot loot.

On the other hand
a lie will rip land
apart. Causing weeds to sprout
destroying the soil.
No amount of toil
can fix roots damaged by doubt.

So plant seeds that bloom
and a garden soon
will overflow with virtue.
A sanctuary
of joy. A very
enchanting, breathtaking view.

Tell it like it is poem (Poetic Asides prompt)

Boys are Boys

A boy is a boy
no doubt about that.
Especially as he laughs
when he farts,
curled up on my lap.

Both poems written to the prompt from Poetic Bloomings
(out of something bad, something good)

Rainbow Reminder

Rain tickles the treetops
and sprinkles the grass.
Not much, but enough to flood
our picnic plans. We scamper
inside and snuggle by the fire,
watching the rain dance across the ground
we drift into a trance inspired by the tinkling sound.

The rain lets up and the sun
breaks through the clouds. Inviting
us to come outside and look around.
Hand –in-hand we meander through the moist
grass. Shimmering drops reflecting the sun;
a rainbow grows in the sky where
this morning there was none.
Reminding us how sweet the rain can be
when with the one you love.

Blanket of Leftovers

Pink and red and blue,
Violet and gray and green.
Scraps of yarn
Remnants from projects
crafted with precision and love.
Now a hodgepodge of yarn
joined together and
surprisingly beautiful.

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