Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Second Week in May Poems


Bop: Childhood Lost

Hiding beneath the blankets
waiting for night to pass
by counting footsteps, counting breaths, counting creaks,
sounds of stairs being traversed
just in case it wasn’t the last time
he entered her room without permission.

A childhood lost in one night.

Small fingers clenched around
the bat by her side, concealed,
she’s ready to strike if she needs to.
Moon eyes glowing in the dark
dreading an eclipse; not ready to endure
the shadows creeping in the night.
Hoping for the sun to rise and
erase the cold with its warmth.

A childhood lost in one night.

Sleepless nights lead to daylight determination
to escape, evade, break away.
Befriending anyone who has a place she can stay.
She waits for the years to pass
by counting months, counting days, counting hours,
sounds of the sun rising on her freedom.

A childhood lost in one night.

Form poems to the Poetic Asides prompt "When you're not looking"


Don't Blink

Don’t blink
or turn you back
Needles can stick you.
Terrorists might attack.
Behind you there might be a trap.
Look both ways.
Intersections can be dangerous.
Nothing appears as it seems.
Kind of makes me think I should go ahead and blink.

Alphabet Poem

Always be cautious,
dangers escape.
Frightening, genuine horrors
invading, jostling, lurking.
oppressing possible queries.
Relinquishing self-worth to
undeniable, veritable,
yearning zoomed-in.

Blitz Poem

Pause Before Frustration

Don’t blink
Don’t pause
Pause causes pain
Pauses causes accidents
Accidents happen
Accidents harm
Harm seeps through
Harm remembers
Remembers the moment
Remembers the silence
Silence of disaster
Silence of moments lost
Lost from not looking
Lost from not wanting
Wanting to escape
Wanting to avoid
Avoid the memory
Avoid the loss
Loss of love
Loss of innocence
Innocence of a child
Innocence of a heart
Heart on fire
Heart broken
Broken wings
Broken bones
Bones of legs
Bones of life
Life evolved
Life enlightened
Enlightened by people
Enlightened by process
Process of hoping
Process of dreaming
Dreaming of love
Dreaming of escape
Escape from reality
Escape from death
Death of innovation
Death of intonation
Intonation of emotions
Intonation when reading
Reading in a vacuum
Reading in a bubble
Bubble of desire
Bubble of frustration
Frustration in waiting
Frustration in watching


Summer breeze ripples through
greening leaves.
Sun shimmers across the lake
inviting me to jump in.
I dive.
Ripples create concentric circles
each one leading into another until
they smooth and you can't even tell
I was there at all.

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