Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poems About Weight

Pretty Face

Such a pretty face.
Is it a waste?
Lighting up the place,
a girl with no waist.
Blue eyes cause no chase
no propel men to make haste
to court her in this place.
Her body overrides leaving only distaste.

Better Not

Lick the spoon, not the bowl…
Lick the spoon, not the bowl…
As I eat my third dessert of the day,
Or is it four,
I lick the spoon
Getting every drop of ganache.
But my husband is watching,
I better not lick the bowl.


Stretch-marks are
road maps of my indiscretions.
Every drop gobbled,
every bite shoveled in,
never savored or relished

But my hunger will not be satiated.
My stomach engorged
yet I continue.

And they appear.
Tiny crevices,
fissures exposing my darkest secrets.

Belly Fat

How I hate the fat that encompasses my middle.
trying to escape the cotton of my shirt.
Desperate to flee my buttoned pants
which are suffocating the blubber beneath.
My bellybutton like a hidden treasure.

How I hate the fat that encompasses my middle.
Mostly, because I cannot hide.

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  1. Shannon, your words are refreshingly honest, creative ... adorable! Just like your smile!