Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 6

Day 6 4/6/11
Don't (blank), (blank)

Don't Just Sit There, Do Something

Bags packed by the door
Silence suffocating
His fingers hesitate a moment
Stealing a glimpse at the empty living room
She sits upstairs
Awaiting his departure
Eyes swollen but dry
He listens
Suffocating silence
Turning the knob
Grabbing his bags
Closing the door on

Don't Eat, Eat

The mirror torments me,
The scale whispers gossip about me
To my face,
I stare at my tummy
And wonder,
What got me to this place?
I make a pact with myself
Don't eat, I say.
You will be beautiful someday.
But the sauce is dripping from the barbecue
Chicken wings.
The bread is rising and filling the house
With that yeasty-come-hither smell.
I stare at my tummy,
It gurgles back at me and says,
Eat, damn it!

Don't Yell, Breathe

I return home from work to find
Dishes clinging to the sides of the sink
Trying hard not to tumble over,
Neglected for an entire day
While my husband hung out
With our son,
And I tell myself
Don't yell, breathe.

I spend the day entertaining the kids.
Pushing swings in the kid-filled park,
Buying ice cream for a treat,
Watching them run on care-free feet.
But then they ask for
A new toy
To rent a video game
And I say to myself
Don't yell, breathe.

Don't yell, breath.

Dn't yell, breathe.

Don't Watch, Participate

Withered hands steepled
Perched on a tired old bench
Face pinched and sunken
Myopic cars pass
Not noticing this lone, waiting man
Who wished he had taken
Just one chance.

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  1. I'm really impresses you came up with three!!! I had a hard time even coming up with one! And I loved Don't Eat, Eat! Haha very clever!