Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5

Day 5 4/5/11
1. Write a goofy poem.
2. Write a serious poem.

Potty Training

For two years
You happily sat in
Squishy diapers
Filled with your own urine
And poop
You never seemed to mind at all

We had to entice
And cajole you
Into the bathroom
Where you studied your
Potty book, complete with
Noisy flushing action

The fact that it took
So much to teach you to do
Something so simple, confirms one thing
You are your father's son


As a five year old,
My father was my knight in shining armor
My lighthouse guiding me to safe waters
The hero of all my make-believe dreams.

At twelve,
The mysteriousness wore off and I began
To see that my father was fallible.
He was no longer the cure for all sicknesses
Or the mender of all which is broken.

By twenty,
My disappointment in my father's weaknesses
Was replaced by the realization that we are all flawed
And respect swelled for his sacrifices and selflessness
He was my mentor and friend,

Then it happened...

At twenty-eight,
His generous, caring heart stopped.
And I was disappointed
Not in my father
But in the loss of the
relationships we were yet to have.

I love you Dad.

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