Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 4

Day 4 4/4/11
Write a poem about a type of person

Middle School Teacher

At the end of each day she goes home with
Marker smeared on her forearms,
Disheveled hair,
A frazzled look from wrangling
150 tweens into learning,
Hoping she's inspired at least one
To pick up a book, or look
At the world in a new way,
A headache from all the self restraint
It took to hold in all the things she
Really wanted to say.

She lugs in three bags filled with
Papers to grade,
Books to read,
And lessons to plan,
But as she opens the door
Four adoring faces gather around,
Begging for her attention.
She drops the bags by the front door,
Embraces each sweet-faced child,
And heads to the kitchen.

Hours later, after homework,
Dinner, meltdowns, and tantrums,
Smiles, laughter, and learning.
Kids are tucked snugly in bed.
She curls up next to her husband
Preparing to spend some alone time.
She rifles through her almost forgotten bags,
Taking out a stack to grade,
Her husband's disappointed eyes
Shift to the television.
And they sit in silence.
Her marking up essay after essay,
Him flipping through all the ESPN channels.

She drifts to sleep
Drool about to spill onto the essays.
He gently nudges her awake
And drags her downstairs
And tucks her into bed,
So tomorrow she can wake up
And do it over all again.

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