Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 30

Day 30 4/30/11
after leaving here poem

Morning Goodbyes

Waking when you are still slumbering, I
quietly make my way around the silent
house preparing for my departure. I
wish I could take you with me, pack you up
and whisk you away. But, when I leave here
you will still be sound asleep; dreaming. Your
eyelids fluttering, mouth ajar. So, I
will tuck your image into my brain pocket
and hope our separate paths cross again.

Silence Follows

After I leave here
silence will follow.
At least that's what
my husband says.

Leaving This Place Behind

She was a volcano and
when she erupted
lava oozed over and formed
metamorphic rocks.
Rocks made up of too many
harsh, slurred words.
I was forced to
pack them around.
When she left
I began slowly tossing
those rocks away.
Skipping them across
the serene lake.
A few each day, until
my pack was so light
I was able to leave
that place behind.

Departing Disneyland

Tired faces
a little sad
to see this
magical place
But even
before we're
a mile away,
they're planning
our next
trip to
this magical

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