Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 29

Day 29 4/29/11
write an ode

Ode to Middle School

Chatter erupts and the halls swell with
nine hundred and seventy students
bumping and maneuvering around the
flocks who gather to discuss
nothing in particular but enjoy
the sounds of each others' voices.
Studious pupils rush off to class
while social butterflies peruse
the campus and converse with others.
Some refuse to obey the rules,
trickle in a little tardy,
capture attention with outbursts,
compete for the title of class clown.
Only a few tempt you to slap them
around for their sharp tongue and
quick wit, which you would never do,
but the vision is enticing.
Aah, the teenager.
Teachers complain about these unruly
beasts who are preoccupied
with Spring; the flood of emotions
accompanying the new found scent
of a girl or a boy. Other teachers,
always upbeat, discuss the amazing feat
of inspiring “that” student to rise to
the potential hovering slightly out of reach.
I could soak up every nook of this place.
The trials and triumphs I gladly embrace.

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