Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 25

Day 25 4/25/11
a poem about falling

Falling Out of Love

Years have weathered away the mountain of
love we built; turning our vows, our bond to
silt. A sigh no longer shows content, but
contempt. Lips which once whispered like a spring
breeze floating through the trees, now pelt me with
hail each time we speak. Our spark washed away
by the eroding tide, or acid rain,
only to reveal the pain. Once we fell
into love with abandon, but now we
fall out; our dreams and future forsaken.

First Falls

Crossing the room, she wobbles. Unsteady
limbs cause triumph or disaster to bloom
with each step. Confidence builds, she’s ready
to venture farther, until she falls. Boom!

Undeterred she gets up to try again,
dusts herself off and straightens her shoulders,
her new adventures about to begin.
Until she falls, tripping on life’s boulders.

She finds him and nestles into his arms
Floating on new love after one sweet kiss
She falls harder than ever. He warms
her. Each tender touch is unequaled bliss.

Until she falls. At first drowning in tears,
but she persists; too brave to fall in fear.

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