Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 24

Day 24 4/24/11
a prayer poem

Prayer to the Baseball Gods
By Larry Lockard

I bow my head, close my eyes, and whisper
"Please stretch that single into a double, a double into a triple.
Please don't let our bullpen blow this tenuous lead.
Please just one extra flare - just one gorp, a groundball with eyes, a dying quail.
Please lift that long flyball, let it soar.
Please shine your light down on your cathedrals.
Let your boys of summer play on into fall."

(some phrases borrowed from the movie Bull Durham)

Prayer of a Poet

Please fill me with words
which transcend the page,
touch the heart,
massage the brain,
are more than just a soulless phrase.

Funeral Prayer

Tired hands clutch the pew,
the casket is open.
Gathering around you,
loved ones whisper their love,
their regret, their goodbyes.
Too young to have left us.
We weep.
Each praying.
We grieve.

Parents' Prayer

Please, we're not
ready for our little boy to
ascend. If
You take him, you take
reason we have to live.

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