Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 23

I read about a girl who conducted a social experiment as her senior project. She faked her pregnancy to see what it was like to be be pregnant in high school. I also have a close friend who really was pregnant in high school. This poem was inspired by them.

Day 23 4/23/11
quit doing what you're doing poem

Pregnant at Sixteen

Quit condemning me with your silent stares.
Pregnant at sixteen wasn't my plan.
I walk down the hall belly leading the way
I know things have changed.
Your voices hushed as I waddle by.
Notes passed behind my back.
Pregnant at sixteen wasn't my plan; I know where I stand.
So, quit condemning me with your silent stares.
My baby is too important for me to leave from here.

Quit Searching

Quit searching for something that's just not there.
Like the other gray sock that won't reappear,
or the earring I misplaced last year,
it left without saying goodbye, I fear.

Words for My Children

Quit crying
Quit talking
Quit whining
Quit asking
Quit pushing
Quit hitting
Quit tattling
Quit yelling
Quit complaining
Quit stomping
Quit running
Quit playing
Quit ...
We're leaving.

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