Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19

Day 19 4/19/11
a love poem or an anti-love poem

Love Shouldn't Hurt Like That

Weeping, she replays the dreadful event
violence unchecked, unleashed, unasked for.
As she describes the way he struck her, each
blow more severe but felt less. Glimpsing her
child in the corner, slight frame cowering
with eyes wide and nose red from crying, his
spell is broken. The memory of her
scared, scarred child etched into her heart, her mind,
her soul. She packs bags to leave, departing
hand in tiny hand. She don't need that man.

Love Poem

Encapsulated in your rhythm
Cradled in your rhyme or not
It doesn't matter as long as we're together
You and I, entwined in words and syllables.
Touching me in the way only you can
Stroking my heart, pulsing through my mind
A spark lit with words placed precisely
Where they should be. Chosen specifically
For me. I love you, poem.

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