Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13

Day 13 4/13/11
About a relationship

My Best Friend

You always knew just what to say
Where to go and where to play
You lifted me up when in misery
When I would cry and not want to be.

As time went on, I always knew
That you'd be there the whole way through.
And though time has made us drift apart
By your side I will never depart.

Other poems I wrote during our training yesterday:

The C Word (4/12/11)

How it hurts and bewilders
Anxiety growing
Like a newborn baby
Crying for help
All needed
But how?
Scarier than most
Harder than all
But change is
Inevitable for tall
And for small.

Training Woes

I'm drowning in the verbiage
Eclipsed by the sound
Ringing and ringing loud.
Causing a covering cloud
To hover over my brain
Trapping my thoughts.
Causing my brain matter
To wither and rot.

My Pen is Broken

I am not sure what happened
It worked yesterday
Recording all the important things
I wanted to say
I wrote and I wrote until my
Hand cramped and went numb
But now my pen is lame
I guess my work is all done.

Statistics, Statistics

Oh the numbers, they are overwhelming
I see them all the time
Some are complimentary
And others fall behind
I've even seen the very same numbers
Try to persuade in a debate
It's crazy when the numbers
Are divided in their fate
So what shall we infer
From these tricky number games?
Human interpretation is the problem
I've attained.

Consistency, Consistency

The other C word
It seemed so simple in my
Undergraduate work
If you want your students to behave
Be firm and clear and concise
And remember each and every time
To do the same thing twice
Unfortunately my children have never been
The kind to do or think or be
Identically twinned

Ode to My iPad

It used to be
I was twiddling my thumbs
Or doodling in the margins
Of my note taking pad
Or even the sole of my shoe
To try to keep my mind
Focused for learning
When boredom crept up
Like a deadline
Lurking in the swamp
Waiting to chomp and
Pull me under
But now I have you
And my boredom is through.
I can search on the web
Catch up with the tweets
Talk to my friends
Check emails galore
But most important
For keeping boredom at bay
I can write 17 poems a day.

Maybe I Should Have Stayed Home

One nod of the head
A smile, obliging
A trip for the brain
Professional development
A chance to get revived
Renewed, and
Open up a new understanding
And improve learning.
But obviously it was
Not for my benefit
I haven't learned a new thing yet.
Maybe I should have stayed home.

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