Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11

Day 11 4/11/11

Maybe I Shouldn't Have Finished College

Envious of mothers at home,
Sweeping the floors,
Ironing clothes
Baking cookies and pies.
I trudge to work,
A career I love,
But maybe I am too ambitious.
Maybe had I dropped out of school
I too would be in domesticated heaven.
Cuddling my babes and watching
Bad daytime TV.
Maybe it wouldn't hurt so much
Each time I leave.
Holding back tears,
As I think of the years my time
Away adds up to.
Instead each outing would feel
Deserved for my undivided
Attention and endless affection.

Maybe I'll Write

I need to do the laundry
Maybe I'll write
I need to wash the dishes
Maybe I'll write
The grass needs mowing
Maybe I'll write
It's time to go to work
Maybe I'll write
Dinner needs fixing
Maybe I'll write
The floor needs vacuuming
Maybe I'll write
It's time to get writing
Maybe I'll read

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